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At LSG we offer many types of linguistic services, including translation, editing, review, proofreading, QA, scorecarding, SEO, MTPE, CQI, TQI, content writing, subtitling, and more!


Communication in today's globalized world is a key element in all types of businesses. We understand the importance of this concept and provide our clients with the best quality in the translation of their internal documents, e-mails, contracts, technical manuals, brochures, software, legal files, ads, website content, and so much more!



The industry changes, and we adapt! Over 1 million words of MTPE in 2018 in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, and over 100 QA / QC / QE projects.   



We provide subtitling services in several languages and for different purposes, from business presentations to films, commercials, multicultural campaigns, etc. 

DTP & Graphic Design


Our talented designers can help you localize your contents for any media and/or create unique visuals  



At LSG we offer services of verbatim and nonverbatim transcription & translation in several languages and of any type of media.

Content Writing


Our expert linguists provide our clients with accurate, impeccable, relevant, smart texts for websites, marketing brochures, ads, and every type of contents, always focused on search engine optimization (SEO).

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